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What is DemoPlus?

DemoPlus is a convenient service that provides customized, professional recording for your music, right in your own rehearsal space.

Where is the best place for this?

Naturally, you perform best in the environment where you feel most secure and at home – your rehearsal own space, your favorite stage maybe even your home.

There are so many factors that matter – but the most important is how a musician feels. A new, unknown space creates tension for the musician, regardless of great acoustics or fancy audio gear. Because of that I believe that some professional aspects of audio recording could be neglected in the name of obtaining the greatest performance. Here is one example: some professional musicians cannot sing without playing simultaneously on guitar. Microphones can be placed in such way that one microphone can catch mostly the voice and the other the guitar. From audio engineering standpoint this way of recording is not optimal because there always will be bleeding – the microphone recording the voice will catch some of the guitar and vice versa. Yet, most engineers wouldn’t try to overdub (record voice and guitar separately) because the loss of mood and energy will be too great.

My long experience as a professional audio engineer has shown me that frequently rehearsal recordings are more valuable than recordings made in professional studios. I call these recordings DemoPlus.